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Vegetation Management

  • Property Landscape Cleanup Overhaul

  • Herbicide Applications

    • Pre Emergent​

      • Prevents Weeds from Growing​

    • Star Thistle Control​

    • Broadleaf Weeds

    • Invasive Plant Removal

      • Blackberry

      • Poison Ivy

    • Turf Management ​

      • Fertilizing​

      • Aerating

      • Dethatching

      • Reseed Applications​​

  • Defensible Space Clearing​​

Ryan Cover is the head of our Vegetation Management Division. Ryan has been a fantastic asset to the team and holds a Qualified Applicators Certification as well as expertise gained through working in the Central Valley for Grover Landscaping. Ryan can help you identify and mitigate invasive weeds in your landscape as well as providing plant healthcare options for all of your trees, shrubs, and lawns. 

We also provide Hydroseeding applications over large areas to reestablish native grasses for erosion control or as a cost effective ground cover. 

Give Ryan a call at 209-352-7920 ext. 3

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