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Family owned and operated in Sonora, CA since 1973.

Decorate Your Life With Us!

- Tree Climbing Experts     - Certified Arborists     - Qualified Pesticide Applicators
- Landscape Designers     - Landscape Contractors     

Our Services

  • Tree Care / Tree Removal

  • Bark Beetle Prevention

  • Landscape Designs

  • Landscape Construction

  • Irrigation Installations

  • Fire Boundary Clearing

  • Brush Clearing​

  • Pesticide / Herbicide Application

  • Arborist Reports

ISA Certified Arborist - Alley Tree Sonora, CA
TCIA Member Alley Tree and Landscape Sonora, CA Tuolumne County
ISA International Society of Arboriculture - Alley Tree - Sonora, CA
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