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Arborist Services

Questions about your trees? We have answers! We are Certified Arborists through the International Society of Arboriculture and through years of experience and training we have the tools and knowledge to solve just about any tree related issues that you might have.


Certified Arborist Consultations

- Certified Arborist Reports 

- Tree Risk Assessments 

- Tree Appraisals 

- Tree / Pest / Disease Identification


Resistograph Testing

Do you ever wonder how safe your trees really are? With advanced resistograph technology we are able to identify the amount of present decay and or compromised wood within your trees. Stop wondering about the health and safety of your trees and request a resistograph test that will provide conclusive evidence as to what your tree looks like from the inside out.

Trunk Injection.jpg

Direct Tree Injections

Direct tree injection is a method of delivering nutrient and or pesticides directly into the cambium tissue of your tree. You no longer have to wonder if your trees are taking in the nutrient fertilizers you give to them. With direct injection solutions we can solve nutrient deficiencies, fungal infections, and even pest prevention. 

Bark Beetle Prevention

Get to your trees before the Beetles do!

Preventative treatment is the most effective protection for your high-value trees. With our direct tree injection program you can rest easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Tree health and risk assesment is performed by one of Alley Tree and Landscape's tree care professionals.                                                        

  • A quote for your treatment options is provided.        

  • Trees are treated via direct trunk injection with the chemical TREE-age, a foliar spray, or a combination of the two.                                                                      

  • Sit back and enjoy your trees for years to come.

What can you do in addition to treating your trees?

-Do not prune your Pines or Firs between the months of April and October. Bark beetles are attracted to wounded trees.

-Help alleviate drought conditions with supplemental watering. Deep root watering, or a drip line with a soil amendment to help retain water are both extremely helpful.

-Remove dead or dying trees immediately! This includes stumps. Haul dead wood offsite, or solarize by covering and sealing the wood completely in clear plastic left in a sunny area.

Why should I inject my trees?

-Chemical injected stays inside the tree, no pollution!

-Minimal impact to soil, water and air.

-No exposure to the public and minimal exposure to the applicator.

-Ideal for treatments in public locations .

-Longest residual, no photo or micorobial degradation.

-Treatment affects only pests feeding on the tree.

-Wide treatment window for applicators, essentially year-round.


Here are some outside links containing more info on Tree-age (Emamectin Benzoate) and its usage/effects and Bark Beetles themselves:
USDA evaluating Ememectin Benzoate against Emerald Ash Borers
ArborJet Tree-age chemical info
USDA Bark Beetle information page
CalFire Bark Beelte information page
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